We are a team of game developers passionate about creating action packed adventures with earnest character driven stories. From our studio's personal experiences and the stories we want to tell in our games -- We believe in the power of people working together in order to build something bigger than one could themselves. We want to pair well-crafted stories alongside fun gaming action...

to serve our motto: "Good stories, Well Told!" Well Told Entertainment is an independently owned and operated indie game studio based in Orange County, California. The Foglands is our first major independent release, and we can’t wait for folks to experience the world we’ve been lovingly crafting for years.

Our Team

Sam Warner


Derek O'Dell


Andrew Thompson


Jennifer Re

Animation Director

Marcus Meler

3D Environment Art

Carsen Kelliher

3D Character Art

Michaela Nienaber

Art Lead

Cam Riach

Game Designer

Taylor Cunningham


Maria Deslis

Game Producer

Alexander Jones

Lead Engineer

Aaron Chard

Sr. Technical Designer

Anna Webster

Game Writer

Gwen Foster

Business Development

Chase Bell

Quality Assurance

Zara Abraham

Brand Manager

Jason Gallaty


Rachel Hartano

Sound Design

Join US!

Our team represents the strength of our studio. Every member of our team brings their creativity and voice to our games. We are a hybrid team, with a physical office in Orange County and a thriving digital workspace.