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Well Told Entertainment LLC


Well Told Entertainment LLC

Release Date

Oct 31, 2023 - PlayStationVR2
2023 - Quest 2
TBA - Steam


PlayStation VR2

Meta Quest 2



34.99 USD


Brief Description

Run into the unknown, fight monsters, scavenge loot, and try to make it back before you are swallowed by the fog. The Foglands is an atmospheric roguelike adventure where you’ll discover new paths and uncover old secrets.


EXPLORE THE FOGLANDS -Play as a Runner, heroes of a sparse community living underground. Adventure from the wrecks of long-dead technology to the undiscovered depths where you’ll run, jump, sneak, and fight your way through the Fog.
ROWDY BAR-FIGHT ACTION - In a mysterious, fog-infested world, dangerous forces lurk in the shadows. Punch, throw, shoot, and smash through each run as you go toe-to-toe with strange, malevolent monsters and vicious, roving factions.
A MYSTERIOUS TALE - A great creature reawakens in the Fog. With the survival of your community in peril, you must strike a deal with a mysterious Stranger in this sci-fi-western suspense story. Battle through the monsters of the fog to learn the truth but remember, sometimes the best way to move forward… is to look back.
SCAVENGE AND GROW - Scavenge precious Cards that boost your skills and define your build. Over 30 abilities and powers await as you explore the world. Unlock more weapons, Cards and areas as you dive deeper into the Foglands.


In 2015, a collective of university students produced a 6-minute cinematic trailer showcasing a lovingly crafted world and universe of a 3rd-person action adventure game titled: The Foglands. Project development slowed down after graduation, various members of the project worked gig to gig until we had the opportunity to revisit The Foglands once more as a game studio. In 2017 the original concept was reimagined in VR and featured at conference demo booths at Siggraph and VRLA. However, development slowed down once again, and it wasn’t until several years later where we had the opportunity and resources to re-visit this passion project once again.


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Well Told Entertainment allows for the contents of The Foglands to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from The Foglands is legally & explicitly allowed by Well Told Entertainment.

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